Been a rough weekend. It’s nearly payday finally, which means money is scarce. And that means food is, too. Kate’s been eating a lot of peanuts lately. We used to think they were on the no list, but with everything that’s happened, we thought we’d give them another chance.

See, certain foods are a seizure trigger for her, but so was the abuse she suffered at the hands of her family. So without her family around, we’ll be able to get a more clear picture of what foods are actually bad.

Well, peanuts are definitely still bad. She’s been running down a lot lately and having very minor muscle spasm type seizures, but that seemed perfectly reasonable under the circumstances. We’re both eating like crap and not sleeping well because of the cold. But today, she had a violent running episode.

In retrospect, I can see where this had been building up. She’s been on edge, and much more desperate to escape people of late. Some noisy kids at McDonald’s caused a small running episode the other day.

So I think we’re cutting out peanuts again. Hopefully, she starts getting better soon, once it’s all out of her system.


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