Working While Homeless

Money is an obvious thing. We all need it. You can overlook the effects of a warm meal on your state of mind when they’re just the norm, but money is hard to forget. On that note, I do hope to be able to monetize this blog soon. After all, the more money I can make, the faster I can get into a home.

But I’m not relying on the blog, of course. I have a job. Specifically, I’m a transcription editor. I compete for jobs with other self-employed editors. On a really good day, I can make about $50. You may notice that’s $6.25 an hour, which sounds pretty good, right? But first, remember that’s a good day. That’s a day where the market is flush with work, and I’ve worked my ass off to get it and get it done fast.

And second, my days are not eight hours and then go home for the evening. My work day starts when I get up, and it ends when I go to bed.

Now, you may think, “But Car Dweller! How do you find time to blog?”

Answer: by slacking off. The human brain is not capable of focusing on nothing but work for days on end. People who work more than a single job are frequently killing themselves to do it. And then they get called lazy because they’re barely making ends meet.

Well, that’s a tangent I don’t feel like going on right now. I started this post to talk about the important of having a job. You know, for your sanity. Even beyond the need for money, having a job gives you something to structure your life around. It gives you a reason to wake up in the morning and a reason not to drink yourself to sleep every night.

The reason I keep such grueling hours, and the reason why I have to be careful to keep them from actually being grueling, is because this job helps me to overcome the depression that lurks in the back of my mind. I have a job. I have a reason to keep going on. As long as I have this job, I don’t have to worry about being overwhelmed by the fear and anxiety of not being able to eat or afford gas. As long as I can keep making that much, I can keep hoping that I’ll get out of this situation.


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