A Warm Meal

Well, we made it through the night. And you know what? It wasn’t too bad. It got down to about 17 this morning, and that was the only time I had to wake up and run the car heater. I managed to sleep in my coat and gloves, which was my biggest worry. And we both stayed pretty warm for most of the night.

So since sleep went well, here’s something else I was thinking of today. I’ve mentioned before that depression is a huge problem when you’re homeless. Well, eating cold food all the time can contribute to that. Especially if it’s food that’s not supposed to be cold.

Does that seem weird? You might think having food at all is enough, and in some ways, it is. We’re not starving, and lack of gratitude for what I have isn’t the problem here. The problem is humans need comfort as well. When your basic physical needs are cared for, you step up to the next level on Maslow’s pyramid. Kate and I have food and shelter, so we move up to safety. We also have safety, so we move up to love and belonging, and here is where we struggle.

See, we have each other, so we definitely have love. But we don’t have anywhere to belong. There’s no warm bed to snuggle into. No kitchen to cook a hot meal. No couch to cuddle up and watch Netflix. And that’s what this post is about. A hot meal (that isn’t junk food; McDonald’s doesn’t really count) would go a very long way right now.


3 thoughts on “A Warm Meal

    1. Yeah, and morale is super important when you’re homeless. We don’t have a lot of other ways to keep it up. I actually feel a little subhuman when I have to eat cold rice and beans.


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