This and That

Snowed today. I really like waking up to frost on the windshield, and then outside is just this gorgeous blanket of white. I wish I’d gotten a picture to share, but I couldn’t find the phone when I first got up. It’s a pain to drive in. Sometimes, it’s even scary. But it’s so pretty, too.

I found this pretty great twitch stream. It’s a pair of Google Home hubs chatting with each other. Forever. At time of writing, they were arguing about which was one was smarter.

I’m going to tell another shitty story about my past, I think. Growing up, we’d start out every school year by buying me new clothes whether I needed them or not. One year, when I was in high school, I put my foot down. I did not want to spend hours trying on trying on jeans. Especially when I only needed to try on one pair to know that the eight other identical pairs would fit.

Well, grandma new best obviously, and I needed to be taught a lesson. So I was informed that I would just have to keep wearing my old jeans, then. And at first, this was fine. But after a couple months, because of I was overweight (which is an abuse story in itself), the inner thighs developed holes in them. The ripped cloth rubbed against my legs and gave me horrible welts that made it hard to…be, really. Walking hurt. Sitting hurt. Getting them on and off hurt.

Now, I had an incentive for new cloths. I told grandma I needed new jeans because these were hurting me. She said I should have thought of that when she wanted to go. I spent the rest of the year in agony because she wanted to teach me a lesson about being convenient to her.


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