More on Sleeping in a Car

Well, we’ve found a better place to sleep, finally. It’s a church parking lot. It’s a little more exposed than I would like, but we don’t have people banging car doors and yelling at all hours around us, and no one stared into the car while we sleep. And Kate finds the exposure more relaxing because she doesn’t have to worry about where a sound is coming from. I guess I can see that. We’re probably a lot safer when we have a nearby busy road to deter would-be thieves.

I’ve touched on it before, but sleep is a lot more complicated than I would have thought when I was living in a house. You can’t really just park wherever. Cops will hassle you. People will stare into the car. Sometimes, they’ll call the cops to come hassle you. There’s banging. There’s cars going by. There’s street lights shining in your face.

Then there’s the comfort issues. Kate is like some kind of monkey. Give her a couple pillows and a blanket, and she’ll find a way to curl up comfortably in her seat. But I’m overweight and stuck underneath the steering wheel. And on top of that, I’m claustrophobic. I can barely stand having a sweatshirt on under my blanket. I could not handle adding a pillow to the mix. So shortly after we moved into the car, Kate got me a travel pillow. A bit like the ones in the featured image up there. That thing has been a fucking lifesaver for me.

I can move it around to support my head where I need it. I can put it right up under my chin to stop my mouth from hanging open, which helps us both with my snoring. And I sleep so much better with my head supported by something other than my shoulder. Not to mention how it protects me from the cold during this winter. I’m a little worried about if we’re still out here when summer comes, though.


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