Not Much to Say

Today’s been rough. Found some allergy meds that seem to be working for me, but the library was closed for New Year’s. So this is three days now that we haven’t been able to make a single penny.

Kate’s mom called. We didn’t answer, so she left a message. I finally listened to it some hours later. She just wanted us to know that Kate’s dad wants to know if he could sit down with us and talk. Because he’s too chickenshit to call himself. He does this sometimes. He’s too big and important to stoop to our level, you see, so he has her mom come get us. If he absolutely has to do it himself, he stands a foot from the door and asks us to come out into the kitchen, and if we dawdle even for a second, he starts getting pissy. He doesn’t want to talk to us. He wants us to stop acting like children and do as he says. Because unquestioning obedience to a parental figure is the mark of an autonomous adult.


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