Car Dwelling and the Gym

One thing I have learned over the past month is that it is vitally important to shower every day. I know that’s just basic good hygiene, but when you’re living in a car, you’re not getting ventilation to parts of your body that really need it. Like your groin area or, for women, under your breasts. Or if you’re fat like me, the backs of your knees and between stomach rolls. Or even just that spot where the waistband of your pants sits against your skin.

TL;DR – I’m currently fighting some sort of bacterial or possibly fungal infection because I figured if I’m not getting out of the car, then it’s not that big a deal if I smell.

No, the smell is the least of your problems, and that’s why it’s very important to have a place you can shower. Depending on where you live, you might be able to use truck stops or rest areas. I dunno. I live in a series of small towns that are so dense and close together that I honestly thought it was one big city for about a year.

Gym memberships are your best friend. Especially if you can find a 24-hour place. My gym isn’t, but Kate is so popular and awesome that our coach lets me piggyback on her membership and gave us permission to stay overnight on the couches there. We don’t, mostly because of the aforementioned seizure problems. Sound is a big trigger for her, and for some reason, the ambient noise of the gym sounds like people talking all night long. So we live in the parking lot where cops won’t bother us.

Probably too much to hope for some place like that, but you should definitely have a place to shower. And working out helps with those little kinks and aches that form when you sit in one position too long. Plus, it releases endorphins, which’ll help battle the depression you almost certainly have or are acquiring from boredom.


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